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The Platform Design Sprint

Bring your own project at the Platform Design Sprint and learn how to apply the Platform Design Toolkit by designing your platform strategy.




The online event in a nutshell

Our classic and strongly appreciated Platform Design Toolkit Live Masterclass that has been delivered to hundreds of practitioners worldwide and online has been deeply updated: its’s now lighter, and more effective.

It’s the perfect training if you want to fast learn the Platform Design Toolkit by applying it directly to your project and create or update your platform strategy.

You will:

  • Join a preliminary Introduction Webinar one week before the online event introducing the key elements of the theory behind the Platform Design – it will be recorded and you can also watch it at your own pace;
  • Join a 2-session, real-time online training and faclititation experience with live trainers (this is not a MOOC, there will be no pre-recorded video, all will be live);
  • Get access to Platform Design Toolkit templates through (our preferred platform for remote collaboration, see;
  • Use and Breakout rooms for Coaching with Platform Design Toolkit Trainers and for participant-to-participant feedback and interactions on the project contexts;
  • No additional technology or support will be requested to the participants, we’ll provide all the technology. Just need your laptop and a stable Internet connection;
  • IMPORTANT: You can work on your own project and accelerate it, or join other attendees’ projects, or work on example contexts provided by us. Read below for more details.

What's this training about?

We will help you to get straight to a Minimum Viable Platform that will validate the appeal for your reference ecosystem, and we will prepare you to grow after.

A moment of training and strategic thinking at the same time: two sessions where you will learn – either independently or in a team – to use the Platform Design Toolkit, the most comprehensive set of tools for the design and prototyping platform strategies, used by thousands of practitioners around the world.

You’ll be able to apply it directly to your product, a process, new service, a startup idea, or to the whole organization, or to explore a market that you care about.

After building your strategic vision, we will help you prepare an implementation plan to validate your idea of a platform and test it through a lean prototyping approach that will prevent mistakes and waste of energy and money.

We will help you to get straight to a Minimum Viable Platform that will validate the appeal for your reference ecosystem, and we will prepare you to grow after.


What you will get from the Sprint:

  • save you from bad investments and wasted expenses
  • bring you from zero to a clear execution plan for the coming months.

Who’s this course designed for?

This workshop is designed for:

  • Managers who deal daily with innovation in companies large and small, who need to create new products and have to deal with restricted investment capacity;
  • Startuppers who, individually or in teams, want to work to create their hypothesis of product and market and then quickly begin validation;
  • Designers and Consultants who want to learn how to master a set of design tools that are simple to apply, to design effective strategies that are in line with the times;
  • Community managers from digital platforms or even collaborative spaces such as incubators, maker spaces, co-working spaces;
  • Public officials and social entrepreneurs who want to understand how to increase the social impact of collaborative services with less investment.

The Platform Design Sprint presentation trailer

“I am not overstating it when I say that the Masterclass was transformative for me and the rest of the Coffective Team.  It will go down as a pivotal 2 days where we learned critical techniques to package 9 years of thinking, progress and ideas into a cohesive platform strategy.  Simone said that PDT is focused on reorganizing the world in the next 10 years and I believe their resources will play a key role in making that happen.  I encourage anyone who wants to play a role in creating a more effective impact world to participate in the Masterclass”

Ryan Comfort, PresidentCoffective

What will you learn in this Sprint

Understanding the reference ecosystem. The first phase of the workshop will help you better understand your target market, to map all available roles for actors of the ecosystem and the reasons that they have to join your platform strategy: you will learn how to motivate everyone to join and participate, relying on clear and operable incentives.


Create a platform prototype model. We will create a clear vision of how your platform will provide the channels for transactions, and a range of services enabling the ecosystem: by doing so the platform will create a special advantage for the participants and will give them exponential growth opportunities.


Prepare validation, prototyping, and growth. We will then help you prioritize the features and key stakeholders of the platform and will set up the most effective methods of validation of your strategy. We will create a clear plan for validation and prototyping, and we will study the first possible strategies for hacking growth to grow the adoption of your platform strategy in your target ecosystem.


How does it work?

The masterclass is based on 20% content transferred by the teacher-facilitator in short pills – instructions and reflections – and 80% work on project works. The teachers use a model based on recurring cycles of briefings-exercise-reflection that will help you easily stick the new capabilities into your set of skills.


It will be possible to work in a team (teamwork is highly recommended), or individually, or even to find a “partner” at the beginning of the master class.


There will be many moments where – if there are no constraints of secrecy in the project that are brought to the masterclass – you’ll be able to exchange ideas and views with the lecturer and participants, greatly enriching your learning and design experience.

What they said about us

admin-ajax-1-ConvertImage placeholder
Kenny Nova
Founder, President at Stat Scientific, Investor and Advisor

“I believe Platforms are the future: I’ll use this new awareness to identify companies to invest in, and help those already in my portfolio to become aware of this massive transformational opportunity.”

genevieve placeholder
Genevieve Douhet
Global Transaction & Payment Services/Head Of Innovation at Société Générale

“The Platform Design Toolkit is more than a tool, it is a mindset. It helped us explore how to connect all the players around innovation challenges.”

david nour bw placeholder
David Nour
CEO at The Nour Group, Inc. and Best Selling Author
“Brilliant thinking, fantastic content, passionately shared. Boundaryless team takes business model innovation to a new level. Highly recommend any and all of their courses.”
giuseppe-pasceri placeholder
Giuseppe Pasceri
CEO at Subito & Infojobs Italy

“This framework gives new and fundamental tools to understanding our world, the epochal changes that are involving society and thus the way we produce value.”



Stay Tuned!

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