3EO/Rendanheyi Masterclass

H1 2023 - Dates to be confirmed Price: To be confirmed
Explore and understand Haier's Rendanheyi model through the 3EO toolkit and get certified

The 3EO/Rendanheyi Masterclass

Learn the principles behind Haier’s unique organizational model: Rendanheyi

In partnership with Haier Model Research Institute, Boundaryless-Platform Design Toolkit is proud to offer a 16hrs online training course to learn about Haier’s award-winning, revolutionary Rendanheyi organizational model to learn the basics and a practical approach for adopting the world-leading organizational model pioneered by Haier Group.


The inspiration of Rendanheyi has the potential to help organizations develop an Entrepreneurial Ecosystemic Organizational strategy in every industry or business context.

The format mixes short texts, videos, quizzes, and comprehension exercises.

The online training in a nutshell

  • Know the basic nitty-gritty of the Rendanheyi model and its possible generalization through principles, layers and approaches.
  • Learn Haier’s Success Story, Culture and Model based on the expression of human potential and win-win strategies
  • Envision and prepare experiments on how this model can work in your company or ecosystem or – if you’re a consultant – on how to lead your customers through the exploration of the benefits of Rendanheyi



A training designed for teams supporting executives, consultants, designers, HR and organizational developers that want to lead a massive transformation within their context.

Plan your attendance

The format

This course will provide attendees with an OFFICIAL Haier Model Institute – Certified Rendanheyi Expert – First Level issued by Haier Model Institute.


Dates: To Be Confirmed – Pre-register now!

4 half-days in 1 or 2 consecutive weeks


Register to the form below to be contacted with the final dates and other details related to the Masterclass.

After the course, participants will be able to freely use the 3EO Toolkit inspired by Rendanheyi and its user-associated support materials to engage with similar transformation projects within their own context.
Training - 3EO Masterclass
H1 2023 - Dates to be confirmed
To be confirmed
To be confirmed

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