Our Approach

A unique integrated theory of Markets and Organizations


All based on Open Frameworks

Everything is released in Creative Commons

At Boundaryless we develop our frameworks of intervention out of action-based research with our customers and adopters, and then we consolidate our insights and approaches into open-access, Creative Commons released methodologies that everybody can access.

By using our methodologies you’ll never be locked in.


Unifying the Market and the Firm

Empower Product & Services innovation with strong organizational models

We acknowledge that today is essential to see the organization, and the teams that make it, as connected with markets and society beyond the organizational boundaries. We developed a fully integrated framework that connects the inside and the outside of the organization, with ecosystemic market opportunities and lets the employees express their entrepreneurial skills.

A unique approach to Growth

By connecting platform design, with portfolio management and organizational transformation, we achieve a full-circle transformation that unlocks tremendous innovation.

When internal silos are removed, entrepreneurial teams can execute with autonomy

We help the organization modularized capabilities in technology and make assets easy to recombine. We provide shared languages and tools for design, validation, and growth to everyone in the organization so that exploring new opportunities becomes easier.


Product & Services Innovation with

Platform Design Toolkit

The most widely adopted framework to design solid Platform Strategies

Our Platform Design Toolkit methodology was released in the early 2010 and evolved since then based on worldwide adoption.

It’s a solid methodology connecting Network Analysis, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Growth Hacking.

With our Platform Design approach we help companies:
  • Identify opportunities to build platform strategies by analyzing the ecosystem
  • Design the marketplace, the extension platform, and infrastructural solutions
  • Test and validate designs through interviews and MVPs
  • Solve the typical chicken egg problems in kickstarting a new product depending on network effects
  • Achieve sustainable growth by investing in the right growth engines
  • Manage at organization-wide portfolios of platform strategies

Our Services

Platform Design & Innovation Portfolio Management services

Discover how we help leading brands and small teams to design consistent platform strategies, seek validation and growth, and put the organizational capabilities in service of continuous innovation.

Build an Entrepreneurial Organization with

The 3EO Toolkit

A framework to make organizations cabable of eliminating bureaucracy and innovate at scale

Our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization framework was inspired by Haier’s Rendanheyi in 2020 and evolved integrating common practices of entrepreneurial organizing.

It gives you a way to unlock the entrepreneurs and create scalable efficiencies in shared enabling services such as HR, Legal, IT and more.

With our Entrepreneurial Ecosystems approach we help companies:
  • Move away from static, vertically integrated  functions that are unable to evolve
  • Adopt a dynamic, contract-based way to reorganize the organization’s capabilities
  • Make it easy for entrepreneurs to incubate new business
  • Motivate employees by sharing profits, ownership
  • Eliminate technical and organizational debt from the organization and become more resilient to change
  • Create new products by weaving ecosystems of third parties in collaboration

Our Services

Organizational Design & Development services

Discover how we help progressive organizations reimagine how to re-structure their support functions, create micro-entrepreneurial business units and optimize their performance management process.