3EO Toolkit

Creating Entrepreneurial Organizations that innovate organically empowering their Ecosystem

The 3EO Toolkit

An open source accelerator to transform incumbents into swarms of networked micro-enterprises

Inspired by the Rendanheyi model and integrating ideas from the major pioneers in forward-looking organizational and management approaches, the 3EO Toolkit helps leaders to explore organizing in an era of complexity by systemically putting human talent, market-based dynamics, pervasive innovation, emergent leadership, and dynamic collaboration at the center of the organization, providing groundbreaking results and resilience.


Envisioning Micro-Enterprises and Platform Services

Rethink how your Organization works and provides a space for Entrepreneurship

The new 3EO Toolkit with its Canvases, User Guide, and Adoption Guide will allow you to approach the transformation of your organization according to the principles of self-management, market-drivenness and bring you clear directions for the reduction of organizational debt. Assess the gaps in your organizational culture, identify the key shared services, and structure the micro-enterprises that can bear their own Profit & Loss.

The Envisioning Canvas


As the first opportunity for engaging the senior leadership and the key decision-makers, the Envisioning Canvas allows articulating an explicit connection among strategic goals and interventions required for an ecosystemic and entrepreneurial organization, aligning all the stakeholders around them. 

The Strategy Setting Canvas


For each evolutionary dimension (ecosystemic, enabling,  entrepreneurial), the Strategy Setting Canvas translates target scenarios into a set of “from-to” discontinuities and principles that will guide and energize subsequent implementation phases.

The 3EO Map


The 3EO map offers a visualization of management structures better fit for “ecosystemic firms” by showing how the 4 types of leadership (architecting, enabling, entrepreneurial, ecosystemic) are used to address the 3 foundational processes (strategy, execution, and performance) each organization must implement.

The Micro-Enterprise Canvas


This canvas captures the key aspects of a Micro-Enterprise and tracks its development. It is based on Haier’s concept of a Win-Win Value statement to address how a micro-enterprise is performing, its ecosystem of relationships, how the user is involved, cost and revenue dynamics, key relationships (EMCs, other contracts), and internal services used.

The Value Adjustment Mechanism Canvas


The VAM Canvas helps Micro-Enterprises go through a constitution phase to secure the resources necessary to achieve above-average results. It’s an agreement that drafts actors, roles, and investments to meet financial and non-financial objectives at specific inflection points, together with how the Micro-Enterprise owner and the team will benefit from it.

The EMC Canvas


The Ecosystem Micro-Community (EMC) Canvas enables Micro-Enterprise’s owners to launch new EMCs meant as dynamic contracts that attract, align and orchestrate several entities to cooperate around a common user scenario goal and detail the ex-ante obligations and value sharing mechanisms the parties are putting in place.

The Organizational Experiment Canvas


More than strictly related to Haier’s Rendanheyi, this canvas is a vehicle to nurture a transition from hierarchical organizations toward the 3EO. It helps design, execute, and learn from experiments that introduce 3EO practices as prototypes to be validated and gradually scaled in the firm.

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The 3EO Toolkit Canvases and Guides

The 3EO Toolkit, its User Guide and Adoption Guide: a set of canvases and support tools to help you work on developing a culture of entrepreneurship, and identify the new organizational artifacts for a transition between a functionally siloed organization and a firm with micro-enterprises, shared services and the four key types of leadership contributions (ecosystemic, entrepreneurial, enabling and architectural) necessary to run a coherent but adaptive enterprise.



The 3EO Toolkit is licensed in CC-BY-SA

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