The Platform Design Sprint / Preregistrations

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Accelerate your platform design projects

Online Platform Design Sprint

In a self-paced process, with coaching

The Platform Design Sprint is perfect if you have a platform project you want to design the strategy for, alone or with your team.

The sprint will help you put together the essentials of your platform strategy, such as the two key engines of value creation (the transactions marketplace, the core service) all with the help of continuous coaching and peer exchanges in the community.


During the process, you will:

  • clearly understand your ecosystem;
  • frame the opportunity of platformization;
  • design clear platform experiences and prepare for validation;
  • define your growth flywheels and liquidity tactics;

Who should attend?

The Platform Design Sprint is designed with founders, designers, and entrepreneurs in mind, for people that need a clear path to execution that reduces waste and focuses on validation.


It’s optimal for those exploring opportunities, those who performed light discovery in the market and also for those that have a non-functional strategy that needs rethinking.


The Sprint will also provide:

  • access to the a community of likeminded entrepreneurs that are exploring markets with platform thinking.
  • access to the direct coaching of Boundaryless team that has worked with tens of founders in the world, developing platform projects of all kinds.
Plan your attendance

The format

Self-paced, with direct coaching. Details to be confirmed.


The tools used will be Zoom (conferencing) and Miro (collaboration tool).


Note that this event is held in English.

Training - PDT Sprint
Dates to be defined
Self-paced with direct coaching
To be confirmed

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