Alessandro Fontana placeholder

“A soul in tension that’s learning to fly

Condition grounded but determined to try.” – Pink Floyd

Alessandro Fontana

Business Designer

My ambition is to support people and organizations to evolve, innovate and optimize, both internally and externally, the way they deliver value to customers and society, through digital transformation. After 15 years in big digital marketing agencies and leading consulting firms, I have decided to become an independent advisor and I had the opportunity to join Boundaryless as business designer. During my career I have achieved a significant experience in managing complex projects, including digital marketing strategy definition, customer experience design, organizational design, operating model redesign, change management and innovation, customer service digitalisation, customer insights analysis and social media listening & analytics. I’ve been working with C-levels and top management cross-functional stakeholders across several industries both in B2B and B2C enterprises, at worldwide scale. I have a track record of digital marketing award-winning projects but I love being tech-savvy thanks to a solid technical background, which helps me having an hands-on approach.

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