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“Dream big, start small, scale fast.”

Andrea Valeri

Contributor / Europe

Andrea is a curious student, entrepreneur and proud contributor at Boundaryless.

Before enrolling at the university, he spent roughly two years living and working around Europe in the hospitality industry. Learning languages is for him a way to understand how different people believe, think and act. He can speak 6+ languages.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Economics with honours, while taking courses in other universities, collaborating with student-led clubs and being involved in countless extra-curricular company projects; he is now working towards his MSc. in Business Administration while taking part in a European pilot project to establish the model for a European University (YUFE).

Being a fast learner and hungry reader, he ramped up his interest in Platforms and Ecosystems through his thesis first, then by joining Boundaryless. Fond of data, innovation and strategy.

Reach out to work together on your platform. Looking forward to discussing Business Models, new platform-marketplace applications or simply conversating around platforms.

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