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“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born”
― Antonio Gramsci

Damiano Avellino

Contributor / Europe

The interest in complexity and innovation brought Damiano to take a multidisciplinary path of academic study and led him to fund projects in different fields.
After the bachelor’s in Biotechnology at the University of Bologna, a one-year scholarship allowed Damiano to attend a Master’s degree in Economics and Management in Spain.
The intersection of his work on platforms brought him to dive more into social theories, and he recently enrolled in a course under the Department of Sociology at the University of Naples.

Damiano is the co-founder of Fairbnb.coop an ethical traveling platform cooperative. He worked for NGOs, cooperatives, and social enterprises as project management, grant writer, and general business strategist.

Is working with Boundaryless and Hypernova to promote the creation of Coop Valley: a bioregional ecosystem catalyzed by a Cooperative Startup Studio with the mission of fostering a community-centered digital economy.

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