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“long term consistency trumps short-term intensity.”

Shruthi Prakash

Contributor - South East Asia and India

Shruti has a goal to become an expert generalist, with a unique stand-point at the intersection of business and human needs. She has 5+ years of experience spanning across strategy, research, and business development, in industries like – electro-mobility, agri-technology, and media and communications.

She completed a under-graduation as a Triple Major in Communication, English, and Psychology, and has a Masters in Business Administration. Shruthi also attended several Executive Education Programs in Platform Thinking, Design Thinking, and UI/UX Design – all of which she uses in tandem to challenge and grow from conventional to constantly evolving and new ways of thinking.

For Boundaryless, she work as a contributor with a focus on some of the most vibrant digital ecosystems in the world such as South East Asia and India – looking into multiple verticals including business development, content strategy, and research.

Shruthi’s realistic yet ambitious attitude helps businesses meet their best future potential: she strives to make a difference by always operating from an empathetic lens.

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