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“It’s not about the canvases: it’s all about the conversation”

Simone Cicero

Co-founder & CEO

Simone is an entrepreneur, facilitator, thinker, writer and host, with a focus on open business models, ecosystemic organizations and platforms: he worked on these topics in edge contexts such as emergent, self-managed organizations, and startups but also with large institutions, ranging from Fortune 500s to the UN, to explore and experiment a new theory of organizing for the 21st century.

In 2013 as a result of his experience with open and systemic business models, Simone created the first fully open-source methodology for Platform and Ecosystems thinking – the Platform Design Toolkit – an approach that effectively contributed to kickstart a new design domain, and now accounts for more than 70 thousands practitioners all over the world. This and other works allowed him to be featured in Thinkers50 Radar class of 2020.

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