Gertje van Roessel – A thousand small self-managed units around trust, respect, and autonomy

Community healthcare at the core of Buurtzorg’s principles.

Buurtzorg is a healthcare organization established in the Netherlands in 2006 with a unique nurse-led care model. Thanks to his background as a nurse, that year Jos de Block, now the CEO, created a non-profit foundation, where he brought together some friends to revive the core principles of the 80’s community healthcare, delivered in small teams in local neighborhoods. Gertje van Roessel tells us about the core of Buurtzorg’s principles: the value of relationship and connection between the nurses and patients, supported by a totally flat structure with one executive coordinating self-organized groups spread across geographical areas.

Part of the EEEO Conversations series
Host: Emanuele Quintarelli, Boundaryless

Boundaryless Team

March 17, 2021