Market-Based Dynamics to Deliver WOW through Customer Service

Zappos’ unique culture and organisational model, Holacracy and Market Based Dynamics.

Acquired by Amazon in 2009 for $1.2B due to its exceptional culture and obsessive attention to delivering happiness through customer service, Zappos paved the way to new organizational models such as Holacracy and lately Market Based Dynamics.

Among the many insightful experiences and stories we heard about in our EEEO conversations, the company’s trajectory is probably the closest to Haier’s experimentation with increased levels of autonomy, power distribution, entrepreneurship, market-driven principles.

With Rachel Murch, former advisor on Strategic Initiatives to Tony Hsieh, we discuss both the connections and the differences between Zappos’ Market Based Dynamics and Haier’s Rendanheyi to understand how distant underlying environments, beliefs, and conditions may still bring surprisingly common design choices to the mounting needs more and more organizations are now facing.

Part of the EEEO Conversations series:
Host: Emanuele Quintarelli, Boundaryless

Boundaryless Team

June 08, 2021