Nand Kishore Chaudhary – Empowerment, unconditional love and how business can preserve civilization

Each employee in Jaipur Rugs can be an entrepreneur. Discover how.

To Nand Kishore Chaudhary self-management is finding yourself by losing yourself. Pushing the unconditioned love practice far beyond the traditional boundaries of business, since its foundation in 1978, Jaipur Rugs have been guaranteeing artisans 360 degrees of development, allowing them to reach financial independence. Indeed, as in Haier’s Rendanheyi, each employee in Jaipur Rugs can be an entrepreneur. Such a concept has been reality-proofed through an experiment with 600 weavers, showing a 50% of production with zero wastage and 100% on time delivery with Jaipur Rugs as the enabling platform to perform their job at their best. Tune in with this heartwarming story of success.

Part of the EEEO Conversations series
Host: Emanuele Quintarelli, Boundaryless

00:00 – Intro
01:37 – The unconditional Love
04:36 – 5 core values
08:13 – Putting the customer at the center
10:34 – How does it work, in practice
13:06 – How to guarantee100% quality with zero defects
14:46 – Self-management: find yourself through losing yourself
17:03 – The Jaipur Rugs’ role in the evolution of society
19:15 – Getting rid of middlemen
21:33 – The shared value creation in serving the underserved customers
26:02 – The direction for the future
27:12 – The effect of Jaipur Rugs’ philosophy at the human level
29:00 – Love is the goal and life is the journey
33:01 – The businesses responsibility in society
35:29 – The importance of being yourself

Boundaryless Team

February 23, 2021