Sonja Blignaut — Thriving on messy coherence, attractive mechanisms and adjacent possibilities

“2020 gave us a masterclass in complexity science”, in Sonja’s words.

In this EEEO Conversation, we had the opportunity to interview Sonja Blignaut, CEO of More Beyond and longtime partner of Dave Snowden.

“2020 gave us a masterclass in complexity science”, this is how Sonja opened the interview. The uncertainty brought by Covid 19 challenged our way of thinking and our illusion of predicting how the world will evolve. Sonja acknowledged seeing people trying to take confidence with the concept of complexity and the perpetual struggle with releasing control she explored for the last two decades.

Part of the EEEO Conversations series

Host: Emanuele Quintarelli, Boundaryless

Boundaryless Team

April 23, 2021