The New Growth Landscape Closing Webinar #4: Marketplaces and Defensibility, with Josh Breinlinger

The Closing Webinar of The New Growth Landscape.

Welcome to The New Growth Landscape Closing Webinar #4: zooming into Marketplaces and Defensibility, with Josh Breinlinger.

On June 23rd, Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi and Simone Cicero will meet a special guest for the closing webinar, Josh Breinlinger. This webinar is part of a project regarding an upcoming integration to the Platform Design Toolkit: a new Guide and a new Learning Experience on Growth, Network Effects, and Defensibility that will also cover the “product” side of a Platform-Marketplace Strategy. In this post, we provide the essential links to catch up on the webinar and give the background on the research we are performing. Stay tuned!

Josh Breinlinger is the Founding Partner and Solo Capitalist at Turtle Venture, the marketplace fund for turtles, highly defensible and long-living creatures. After obtaining his BSc. in Mechanical engineering at MIT, he started his career as a consultant. He ended up being part of the founding team of oDesk (now Upwork) until 2010, when he joined Jackson Squared Ventures as a Venture Capitalist, investing in early-stage marketplaces and SAAS startups. He is the co-founder and current Board Member of, the AI-powered speech-to-text transcriber. He has been a Board Member for years for other companies like Contently, Crexi, Alto Pharmacy.

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Boundaryless Team

June 23, 2021