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Build Strategies for the 21st Century

Boundaryless helps global customers with Business Strategy and Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems

We create open-source frameworks for platform design and entrepreneurial organization development: we support a global community of organizations, institutions, and individuals through workshops, training, and consulting services.

Platform Strategies

With the Platform Design Toolkit Methodology

Our world-renowned methodologies for platform design and innovation help you identify opportunities for new platforms, products, and services, design and validate your strategies on the market and implement growth: all with proven techniques adopted by thousands.

Entrepreneurial Organizations

With the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization Framework

We help you evolve your organizational models and structures by creating autonomy for your teams, and unleash entrepreneurial spirit: create an organization that is able to pursue a portfolio of opportunities, by reducing bureaucracy and letting your organization engage with markets.


Research and Thinking

We explore the edges of platforms & ecosystems thinking to evolve our tools and prepare for what’s next.



Get the help you need to create new products and services through platforms, reinvent your organization and enable your teams to bring new growth opportunities.



Attend one of our public training to learn Platform Design and Entrepreneurial Organizational Development or ask for a private training for your team.



Join our community of practice and meet other pioneers, designers, and organizational leaders and learn together.

Discover Our Free tools and our Whitepapers


Platform Design Toolkit & Guides

Canvases and Guides to help you identify Platform Opportunities, design Platform Experiences and pursue Validation and Growth.


The 3EO Toolkit

Canvases and Guide to help you redesign your organization as a swarm of entrepreneurial units supported by shared services.


New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking

Read our latest whitepaper that helps you contextualized our design and development approaches in the changing world we live in

What’s up?

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Read about Boundaryless research, and more

On our blog, we share our research updates on platform thinking and entrepreneurial organizing, we introduce new developments about the frameworks, announce trainings, webinars, and much more: everything that happens in the Boundaryless universe.

Join our Public Trainings & Certification Programs

At Boundaryless, not only we provide openly accessible, creative-commons released methodologies and frameworks but we also train our adopters so that they can be autonomous, bringing the platform and entrepreneurial revolution to their own organizations and teams.

By joining our training programs you’ll be able to either bring your own platform opportunities, and organizational challenges, and work on them, or join certification programs that aim at allowing you to use our methodologies properly with your customers or inside your large organzation.

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